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Pennsylvania Spine Institute

The Pennsylvania Spine Institute is a group of specialists soley dedicated to the treatment of spinal problems. The institute is led by two Spine Fellowship trained, Board Certified surgeons. Our surgeons are entirely dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of neck and back spinal problems.

Our surgeons are noted leaders in spinal surgical techniques and spinal instrumentation. The Institute is active in research and our surgeons are recognized instructors at national spine conferences. In 2012, our surgeons performed the world’s first robotic ALIF spine surgery.

We recognize that back problems can be very painful and we are committed to alleviation of that suffering whenever possible. We use multiple state- of-the-art diagnostic tools with every patient to assure that we fully understand your situation. Our goal is to help you to return to your active lifestyle whether it be golf, work or playing with your children.

We incorporate the most recent, highly acclaimed advances in the treatment of spinal disorders, such as anterior lumbar discectomy and interbody fusion, artificial disc technology, minimally invasive surgical techniques for optimal surgical recovery.

The Pennsylvania Spine Institute offers conservative treatment for spinal problems and a full range of surgical solutions, as well. We have been changing lives by giving people back their vitality and freedom for years. To alleviate your chronic back, neck, and spine pain – contact us today.

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