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Visit the MEDENT Arlington Patient Portal

MEDENT Patient Portal

Enter The MEDENT Arlington Patient Portal »

How to Access

Access our Patient Portal to communicate with your physician, request a medication refill, review your lab results, update your demographics and insurance information, and much more from your computer or smartphone.

First Time Users: Follow the steps below to gain access to our Patient Portal.

If you experience issues logging in or have additional questions, please call us at 717-652-9555.

Step 1

If you already have an Activation Code, proceed to Step 2. To obtain a Patient Portal Activation Code, please call 717-652-9555, or complete the following form…

First Name


Last Name


Phone Number

Email Address

Step 2

Click on “Activate” from this page.
You will need the following information ready to activate your Patient Portal Account

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • E-mail Address
  • Pick 3 Different Security Questions and Answers
  • Pick a Site ID Image and Phrase
  • Create a Username and Password
  • Enter the Activation Code provided by Orthopedic Institute of Pennsylvania

Note: Activation Codes are case sensitive and contain uppercase and lowercase letters, mixed with numbers. If you are unsure of the case of your Activation Code please call us to confirm.

Step 3

Return to this page and click on “Login.”

On the Patient Portal login page, enter your Username and click Login.

Confirm your Site ID Image and Phrase are correct, enter your Password and click Login

Patients can use the Patient Portal to access the following:

  • Communicate: Send and Receive non-urgent secure messages with your Physician.
  • Medications: Request prescription refills.
  • Appointments: Keep track of appointments.
  • Allergies: View and update your allergies.
  • Health History: View and update your health history.
  • Demographics: Add or update your demographics and insurance information
  • And More…

Ready To Access?

If you have already completed the steps above and activated your Arlington Patient Portal Account, please click here to access the Patient Portal Page.


Enter The MEDENT Arlington Patient Portal »