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“Thank You Very Much”

I had my first visit with Dr. Ackerman and it went wonderful. He explained my options and listened to my issues. The entire staff was pleasant and friendly. My visit was prompt and went pretty quickly considering everything they did. Thank you very much.
-Deb (via Google)

“An Amazing Experience”

Went for a second opinion today and had an amazing experience with Dr. Ackerman. This man went above and beyond to explain my son’s treatment plan for his nasty collarbone break. The staff was great, and the xray tech Mallory were all fantastic with my son. Would highly recommend this place!!!
Thank you so much for all you do!
-Amanda (via Google)

“Great People”

Great people and great experience.. Went in with extreme issues in Neck with pain and all.. had surgery and came out with first time being pain free since the neck injury. Dr was fantastic as well.. he listen and he answer any or say all of my question before and after a successful surgery
-Vicky (via Facebook)

“I highly recommend Arlington”

Dr. G and all of the staff are wonderful and helpful with as busy as they are!! I have had 2 surgeries since the beginning of the year by Dr. G and they went great!! I highly recommend Arlington!!
-Tina (via Facebook)

“Attentive and Professional”

After having worked for Dr. Maurer and Dr. Kutz a few years ago, I actually became a patient recently. Dr. Maurer did a carpal tunnel release on my right hand, and has given me excellent care.
Dr. Peppleman did my lumbar laminectomy/fusion almost 6 years ago, which restored the feeling and use of my right leg, and greatly relieved the pain. He has since been caring for my back, from a work related injury.
The doctors and staff at The Arlington Group are attentive and professional, and I recommend them highly for any orthopedic needs!
-Maggie (via Facebook)

“I’d Recommend Arlington Orthopedic Group to Anyone”

I’ve been under the care of Dr. Grandrimo for a very short time but in the time I have been in his care he has been nothing but courteous and friendly easy to talk to and extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I’d recommend Arlington orthopedic group to anyone suffering from any kind of issues they can help with.
-Amy (via Facebook)

“Loving and Exceptional Care”

I have been a patient of the Arlington Group since 1999 under the loving and exceptional care of Dr. Walter Peppleman and now under the expert care of Dr. Kutz and I have recommend The Arlington Group to friends and family!
-Jonette (via Facebook)

“A Whole New Life”

Dr. Grandrimo has given me a whole new life. Two new knees and I am feeling great. Highly recommend.
-Tina (via Facebook)

“Thanks for everything you guys do!”

Dr. Kutz performed a PRP injection in my left shoulder. Prior to my injection, my shoulder pain was a 7 out of 10 and my range of motion was about 80%. The injection caused no immediate pain. I had some post procedure pain that lasted about 18 hours and was minor. After 2 weeks my pain was a 1 out of 10 and my range of motion was 100%! The Staff treated me like a family member and explained everything every step of the way. They helped me understand what to expect and made sure I was comfortable with all of my treatment options.

I will definitely have the same procedure again should I ever need it and I will definitely recommend this treatment to family and friends! Thanks for everything you guys do!

“I am quite impressed”

Need a well qualified Orthopedic all around surgeon? Don’t waste your time in going any further, Doctor Ackerman is all you need and comes with a medical staff as well. As a lifelong active athlete, I unexpectedly found myself in need of an Orthopedic Surgeon. Now in my seventies, as a pedestrian I was legally crossing a street when hit by a “hit and run” driver exiting an off-street parking area at a high rate of speed. With a shredded shoulder and other severe complications, I sought counsel from my son who is a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (in another state) and his General Surgeon classmate from med school. Both urged calling Doctor Ackerman at Arlington Orthopedics- now! Doctor Ackerman accommodated my request immediately with a detailed diagnosis outlining all procedures, pre and post arthroscopic surgery. One year post arthroscopic surgery I found his skills impressive, as he not only cured my ills but investigated any outlining causes which may have created the injury (which is the standard of Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine). Being a retired businessman, I watched with interest his attention to detail regarding his Arlington Orthopedic business skills, in which initial interviews of business and medical programs were carefully explained. The office staff left no phases of my needs unexplained and all appointments were skillfully arranged. Seriously, I am quite impressed with the good business acumen of Doctor Ackerman and staff.

“The Absolute Best”

Dr Kutz is the absolute best! I always recommend him and the practice to whoever I can!!

“Great Doctor”

Dr. Kutz was recommended very highly to me and after meeting him the recommendation was in no way exaggerated. He listens to what you have to say and you never feel that he is in a hurry to get to his next patient. I have recommended him to 2 of my friends without any reservations. GREAT DOCTOR and please pass my comments on to him because he truly deserves it!!!

“Excellent Results”

Dr Grandrimo cares about my health and I have had excellent results from past surgery in his care.

“True Professionalism”

Dr Grandrimo displays true professionalism at all times and has given me back the ability to function in everyday living again. I would recommend him and this team to anyone needing help with pain that keeps you from enjoying life.

“One of the Best Doctors I Have Met”

ALL the doctors & staff at Arlington Orthopedics have always been attentive, professional and taken what ever amount of time that is necessary to assess, inform and treat their patients. Matthew Espenshade is a perfect example. He is one of the best doctors I have met. His bedside manner is great and he explains all aspects of the treatment plan so you can not only understand but that you are able to give yourself the best possible prognosis. Thank you Matt for all you do.

“Keep up with the Good Work”

Matthew Espenshade, D.O. is very easy and comfort to talk with he make u feel comfortable. Keep up with the good work May God Bless You And Staff Worker

“A True Example of a Professional”

Dr Maurer is a true example of a professional. I was really nervous and he took time to reassure me all was going to be fine. I’ve never met him but he made me feel comfortable and seemed to be truly sincere. Thank you

“Great Surgeon”

Dr. Maurer is a great surgeon and he did a great job on my hand!

“He never rushes patients and always answers questions!”

Dr.King has performed several surgeries on me and has always been very professional in telling me what will be done, recovery time, etc. He has seen me for other non-surgery issues and provides complete testing if the issue cannot be diagnosed. Dr. King is an outstanding physician with the practice and I always recommend him to others! He never rushes patients and always answers questions!

“It’s definitely worth the trip to Harrisburg!”

I can’t say enough good things about Dr. King. I have and will continue to recommend him to people in the State College PA area that need orthopedic care. It’s definitely worth the trip to Harrisburg!!

“I was Surprised”

I was surprised when the day after my surgery Dr Ackerman called me to see how I was doing. I don’t recall ever receiving that concern from any other Dr, ever.

“Courteous and Kind”

From the time you enter the practice everyone was courteous and kind. Dr. Ackerman explained in a language you could understand what he was going to do

“I Wouldn’t Entrust Anyone Else”

Through the years my visits with Dr. Peppelman have always been very satisfactory. I wouldn’t entrust anyone else to handle my back issues.

“He is top notch!”

Thank you Dr. Peppelman. He is top notch! I had a great experience and fantastic care at both Arlington and Osteopathic. I’m on the road to recovery and feeling great. Thank you for bringing me in early and expediting surgery. Thank you to you and your staff for making me whole again!!!

“Truly an Outstanding Man”

I only rated Dr. Beutler at 10 because there were no higher numbers available. Not just a great doctor but truly an outstanding man that I enjoy spending time with during my appointment individual

“Very Professional and Instilled Confidence”

My Perception? A Caring Physician, Methodical approach, discussed very clearly, simply, and briefly, the diagnosis. He clarified to me, the 3 options I had to achieve relief. Specifically: 1. Injections! 2. Physical Therapy! 3. Surgery. A well rounded personality, very professional and instilled confidence. A+++

“Second to none”

Arlington Orthopedics is second to none. My husband and I have visited many hospitals, clinics, and Doctor’s office’s. They are the friendliest, most efficient care facility I have ever been to. Dr Grandrimo recently performed a very sensitive surgery on my back that involved removing 25 year old hardware from my lumbar spine. That surgery gave me my life back, Due to their quick action I was able to quickly have the necessary surgery performed. I am able to walk again and the wheelchair is in the closet. I will always have some degree of lumbar pain but in comparison to what I was suffering I can deal with this. I would highly recommend Arlington Orthopedics and Dr Grandrimo if you are looking for a orthopedic surgeon. A big thank you to all the staff, doctors and nurses who helped make my surgery successful.

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“Very professional”

Very professional, and every one greeted me with a smile.
–John B.

“Every staff person treated me with the utmost respect”

I was given more information about my condition and what needed to be done in one visit with Dr. Grandrimo than I did in almost 3 years with the doctor connected with Hershey Medical Center. I will continue with The Arlington Group from now on and not be returning to Hershey. Every staff person treated me with the utmost respect and answered all my questions. I was not rushed through at any time.
–Louise C.

“Keep up the great team work”

The staff was great keeping everyone updated on the wait time. The really kept things moving along and they did their very best during a tough and busy situation! Keep up the great team work!
–Susan T.

“Very nice visit”

Very nice visit with Brit. She was very cordial and professional. She did a great job.
–Judy K.

“It went smoothly and quickly”

There is such a great flow from registering to seeing the Dr. It went smoothly and quickly. Dr. Kutz is so nice and he is thorough. Thank you.
–Valerie G.

“Thank you Dr. King and Dr. Grandrimo”

Dr. Grandrimo and King, First, I want to Dr. Grandrimo for diagnosing my hip issue. I went in thinking I had a very bad back problems and moments of looking at my x-ray, he said it’s your hip not your back. After further consideration I decided to go with the anterior hip replacement with Dr. King and had surgery on Monday 8/24/2015. Immediately after surgery my back and hip pain was gone! I went home the next day and just two days later I’ve made great recovery. I’m only taking one pain pill and can start to live my life again. You see the pain was so great it prevented me from doing things with my family. Arlington is a wonderful and I’m so grateful I met and spoke with both surgeons. Thank you Dr. King and Dr. Grandrimo.
-Carol C.

“You gave me back my life”

In Nov 2009 Dr King did a BHR on my left hip. I was in pain and limping badly and had gained 30 pounds. 18 months later on my 60th birthday I competed in the Got Your Nerve Tri that your practice sponsored. I am now running up to 8 miles and slowly continue to move my speed and mileage up. I have no pain or limp. I don’t feel like i have any restrictions at all. I am going to be 62 years old on May 21 and my oldest sons and I are planning on doing the Wisconsin Ironman together in 2014. Dr. King obviously did an awesome job replacing my hip with a BHR. Thank You so much for sharing your orthopedic talent with me. You gave me back my life. If you would like to use this letter as a reference by all means do it.

Thankful forever…

“Dr King Saved my Quality of Life!

My right hip has been “quirky” for as long as I can remember. It clicked and felt odd intermittently. However, I was still able to exercise, go to the mall, clean my house, work and basically live a healthy normal life. About 3 years ago, the “quirks” became painful. I couldn’t walk as far and I started taking a day off after exercise. I went to an Orthopedic Surgeon who sent me to PT and really tried to help. When I didn’t improve he recommended a hip specialist. At 45 years of age, the hip specialist tried to avoid a hip replacement. X-rays, 2 MRIs, both with and without contrast and more PT led to a clean-out surgery in July of 2010. What a disaster!! I remember asking him months after the surgery, “I knew this might not help but when will I get back to the way I felt before surgery?” By December of 2010, at 46 years of age, I was walking with a cane. I couldn’t take my kids to the mall. I couldn’t exercise. I couldn’t sleep. My sex life was nonexistent and it was everything I could do to get through a day of work. Then I would come home and sit on the couch and not move. I found a new doctor.

Some recommendations and investigation led me to Dr Scott King. At my initial appointment, I had x-rays right before meeting him in the exam room. He came in, introduced himself, looked at the x-rays and said, “Oh, that hip has to be replaced.” I said, “I know that by how it feels. Please show me what you see in that picture that tells you that.” He did! After multiple tests and surgery, a simple x-ray gave this doctor the information that I knew in my heart. Dr King did not treat my age he treated my condition!! It did not matter that I was “only 46.” I was not too young for a hip replacement. I was too young for a cane!! On February 17, 2011, I had a total replacement of my right hip. Through it all, Dr King was kind, understanding, realistic, thorough and had a sense of humor!! He answered all of my questions, even the silly ones. He is everything a doctor should be!

Today, March 24, 2012, over a year post op, I am me again! I swim 4 times a week, and walk. I have lost 22 pounds. I feel healthy and strong and I have been given my quality of life back!! I am able to be a mom to my kids and a wife to my husband! Based on those initial x-rays, I will need my left hip replaced in the future. When my quality of life changes, I will see Dr King again. I recommend him to anyone who has any hip issues!! I am so thankful that I found him. Those words seem too small to truly explain how I feel but I will say them again. THANK YOU DR. KING!!!”
-Virginia Gigi Marie Birmingham